Charter of Incorporation of the Mutual Aid Society of Navigators, Explorers, Mercenaries and Cartographers of the Serene City and Republic of Zanj

WHEREAS those citizens of this City who have undertaken the great and important Work of Exploration and Adventure beyond the reach of Civilization have determined that their organization into a Society of Mutual Aid is necessitated by present circumstances, and,

WHEREAS the City and Republic of Zanj, Jewel of the Sea of Thousands, Serenity of Serenity, Shining Coral of the South, has benefited immeasurably from the Good Work of those same citizens, and,

WHEREAS the dangers and perils of Adventure may be attenuated somewhat by alliance and cooperation, and,

WHEREAS those who die seeking glory and fortune in lands far from our Home merit memorial, and,

WHEREAS the families of those noble heroes, as merited by all laws of decency and holiness, should be compensated for the loss of their loved ones,

NOW, THEREFORE, With the Imprimatur of Her Serene Honor, Roxelana Mihrimah, Lady Protector of the City and Republic, Admiral of the Fleet, WE HERE RESOLVE to incorporate and establish this Mutual Aid Society, and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this society may extend its membership through the practice of the Wager Luminal, as dictated by long practice and sacred custom, and,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this Society shall uphold the highest standards of courage, discretion, nobility, self-sacrifice, and fidelity to Our City and Republic. To this cause and society we pledge every coin of our vaults, every atom of our power, every drop of our blood, and every edge in our arsenals, SO HELP US GOD.


Máel Coluim Ar Lá, Captain of the Heather Brigade
Sirabhorn Chriprabha, Academy of Arcanists Errant
Mansur ibn Amirin al-Taifa, 3rd Emir Al-Taifa
The Rev. Dr. Beatrix van Oorden, Order of the Healing Mask
Jessica Spelter, Cartographers’ Guild of Zanj
Yasif Kenadid, Merchants’ Brotherhood

The Wager Luminal

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