The Wager Luminal


Erredil's log

We accepted Mael Coluim Ar La’s quest in the Wager Luminal and were given more detail about our quest.

We are to travel to a small island of the Carraigh, where a small but advantageous fortress was subject to some calamity around 80 years ago. Rumor now abounds of a great flying beast, larger than an ox but smaller than an elephant, that has made its nest at the top of the fortress tower and feasts on metal. The fortress itself is likely infested with sea demons. We are to bait the creature with the trick cannon, stuffed with casks of opium, and render it unconscious before binding it in a great net and returning it alive to the Guild.

No ships will go to this island, but our passage has been booked on the Pearl Oyster, a merchant ship to Far Carraigh. I guess we shall concern ourselves with getting to the island once we arrive there. We are to bring the beast back to Far Carraigh, to the Great Sword Inn near the docks, and knock at the yellow door. We have a letter to give to the person who answers, who will presumably obtain us passage back to Zanj.

We have now been at sea for nearly 10 days. Last night, during our watch, Azima discovered a crewman dead in the crow’s nest. A small crew of pirates from a nearby island attempted to take our ship, but despite a few slips and falls (and a quick salt water bath for Azima), we handily defeated them.

Annam kept one pirate alive. He has no tongue and speaks no Zanjii, and I don’t speak any of the languages of the sea or the South. He has used a slate and chalk to communicate with Azima and Annam, and Annam has begun to teach me some words so that I might speak with him also. His name is Jayanam, hailing from the now-abandoned Ten-Palms Isle. He claims to be a captive himself, stripped of his wife and child and forced into piracy. He has some skill in sailing and navigation – more than Annam seemed to expect from a simple slave. He wishes to get far away from these waters, so we have agreed to bring him with us to Far Carraigh. Perhaps his sailing skills will be useful to us as we plan our passage to the island fortress.

The waters today are rough and grey. A storm approaches – it seems that last night was not to be our only challenge on this sea.



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