The Wager Luminal


Erredil's log

Joined Annam and Azima in Zanj today and submitted our application to the Guild. Accepted.

Three Wagers offered this year.

  • Jessica Spelter – Compass Rose of the Cartographer’s Guild.
  • Máel Coluim Ar Lá – Captain of the Heather Brigade
  • Sirabhorn Chriprabha – Grandmaster Conjurer of the Academy of Arcanists Errant

Granted “luck” from the Founder Mansur ibn Amirin al-Taifa – warned against drowning, altitude sickness, and being burned alive.

Learned from Yasif Kenadid and Máel Coluim Ar Lá’s aging mother that his Wager is likely to involve a journey across the sea and capture of a beast. A poem tells the tale of the watchtower of Bard Caraig, on the island of Caraig in the Northeast, destroyed by fire and explosions of unknown origin. The two also pointed to Máel Coluim’s love of subtly and trickery, using more than brute force to win a fight. Likely a connection to the false cannon we found in the armory, stuffed with sealed barrels and a heavy net. It is likely to be a cold journey.

A map missing from the library – likely points to Jessica Spelter’s Wager. A portion of the quadrant in the Sea of Thousands, a pirate-filled and poorly explored region not far from where Azima was captured as a child. Warned that Jessica often has high, nigh impossible expectations for those who accept her wager.

The Rev. Dr. Beatrix van Oorden gave warning of Sirabhorn Chriprabha’s quest. Likely to take us to The Roof of the World – a dark place. May be to seek a treasure still lost in the mountain monasteries, since the land has been corrupted by dark magic and is overrun with the undead. Wouldn’t mind putting a few arrows through some zombie heads.

I have approached the Guild through Annam’s recommendation – now I begin to see the opportunities to explore and learn more about new regions. Annam is a good teacher and a smart man; he will be a good companion to have. Azima has learned much in her travels and is eager to make a name for herself – she will work hard on such a quest. We will see where this journey takes us.



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