The Wager Luminal


Azima's thoughts on of the day of the wager

I am keeping these notes in a small book which I keep inside my armor at all times. It may begin to smell a bit once we get on the road, but that’s to be expected.

My company of three was accepted as candidates for the Wager. There are three being offered this time, and one of them is Máel Coluim Ar Lá’s. I have not allowed myself to imagine that we will receive his challenge, but now that I write it here — I spoke with his mother today in the garden. She spoke of islands, and the kinds of creatures that live on islands. She spoke of fjords, and volcanoes, and capturing a beast.

How wonderful would it be, to return triumphant with a fell beast! Nobody could think me less valuable then.

Annam, despite his oafish attempt at distracting the others in the armory, stole a look inside the false cannon in the armory, and something Máel Coluim’s mother said – fill the cannon with knowledge and trickery, that’s the way to catch a beast, that’s what she said — inside the cannon were small barrels and a large net — to catch a beast.

I cannot imagine that Jessica Spelter’s secretary missed the significance of what happened today. When he saw Annam attempt to distract the others, he came right over to me. I was thankful that I was able to duck away quickly. And thankful of my training at the inn when Annam chastised me. Erredil is sympathetic — I am happy to be travelling with her, and despite his manner, Annam will be a powerful ally I am sure.

To the roof of the world, to the eastern oceans, to capture a beast! We face danger, but I would face any danger to prove to these people — this city — that I am much more than I appear.

I must go to the library. I will write again after the Wager.



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