The Wager Luminal

DAY 2: First blood

In which Annam, Erredil and Azima take to the open seas

So much for pirates.

Mael Coluim’s quest takes us into those same waters where my mother and I were captured by slavers long ago. I had expected trouble – so when I made my way up to the crow’s nest I was prepared for blood.

I spit at them. I gave them the gift of a swift death.

Well, mostly.

Annam proved to be quick-witted, capturing one of them and binding him, and interrogating him about his history. He is a mute – tongue cut out at the base – and I found myself sympathizing with Jayanam, a pirate who was enslaved until he could enslave others in turn. He is not what he appears, but he joins us. If he chooses to continue with us, he will be invaluable as helmsman.

Now, as the weather turns and the seas grow rougher, I know that we are as of yet far from our destination. But I face the coming storm with confidence. I know not what manner of creature we face on a small wild island in the Carraigh, but I am beginning to feel the familiar thirst to show them – show them all – what we are capable of.



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