“It is easy to forget about other people in our line of work. When confronted with gibbering horrors or unspeakable evil in some remote ruin in the vast wilderness, the dangers of society and politics can seem remote indeed. We ignore them at our peril; as many adventurers have died on the scaffold or in the dungeons as at the claws of a dozen dragons.” —Máel Coluim Ar Lá, Captain-General of the Heather Brigade

Dunya is dotted by dozens of civilizations and hundreds of states, and any savvy adventurer learns as much as she can about them. After all, when you’re not in the dungeon, you’re back in the world, and you can die in the one just as easily as the other. Here are a few broad topics pertaining to people of Dunya. If you’re looking specifically for geographical information, you can get there from the ‘Locations’ tab on the wiki.







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