The Carraigh


“We are women of the Carraigh. We defy God to move us.” —Reply of High Queen Iona II of Far Carraigh to Admiral Iraklios of the Despotate, upon receiving his demand for unconditional surrender at the Battle of the Needlestack

The Carraigh is an archipelago of islands far to the Northwest of Zanj, and directly north of the large, wild subcontinent of Sundarbar. It is a windswept, difficult land ruled by a confederation of jarls and lords who answer (in theory) to a High King or High Queen. The islanders are known for going on raids to supplement the meager living that they can make from the thin soil on their islands.

Quick Facts:

Population: No formal census conducted, but best estimates put the total population of the archipelago at appr. 500,000

Area: 60,000 sq. miles, of which more than 3/4 is on the largest island, Great Carraigh, which is largely untamed wilderness.

Ruler: Duncan I of Far Carraigh, High King of the Carraigh, Master of Sea and Mountain, Jarl of all Jarls, Defender of the Realm.

Economy: Wool, agriculture, fishing, weapons, lead, silver, copper. Raiding makes up a disproportionate share of the income.

Climate: Northern temperate ranging to taiga and subarctic in the far northern reaches of Great Carraigh

The Carraigh

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