The Guild


The Mutual Aid Society of Navigators, Explorers, Mercenaries and Cartographers of the Serene City and Republic of Zanj, known to all merely as ‘The Guild’, is one of the more important players in the politics of the Gem of the South. It is the centerpiece of our story and the fraternity to which your characters aspire to join.

History: The Guild was founded by six adventurers with the objective of organizing and providing benefits for the scores of sellswords, explorers, freelancers, pilgrims, wanderers, and adventurers that passed through Zanj. By centralizing and formalizing jobs and resources for such people, the logic went, the Guild could both prevent their members from turning to crime and ensure a steady living for them between jobs. The City, in exchange for financial and logistical sanction, is granted the right to conscript the adventurers of the Guild into the service when need arises (with consent of the Founders).

Benefits: All members of the Guild receive room and board at no charge, as well as discounted healing, research, provisioning and intelligence services. Furthermore, in the (common) event of untimely death of a member while on an adventure, the Guild provides a pension to his or her dependents. In addition, all members are granted citizenship and the voting franchise (if they did not already possess the franchise) after a term of service of ten years.

Duties: All members are expected to contribute a quarter of monetary gains from expeditions to the guild’s coffers. They are also expected to share their maps, charts, and other relevant expertise.

Membership: New members are inducted exclusively through the ritual of The Wager Luminal

Guildhall: The Guildhall (simply and affectionately called ‘The House’ by members) is a large, well-fortified compound in the northern section of Zanj, in the upper part of the city. It is constructed in the Northern Mercantile style, very distinctive from the warm-weather architecture of the rest of the city. It contains a Chapel, Library, Garden, Armory, Living Quarters, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Trophy Room, Infirmary, and other amenities.

The Guild

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