“Your Princess, if it please you.” —Traditional address of the Grand Princess of Zanj to the People, on the Occasion of Her Investiture

The Most Serene City and Republic of Zanj, Jewel of the Sea of Thousands, Serenity of Serenity, Shining Coral of the South (etc. etc.), is a rare light of tolerance and equality in a world often wracked by despotism and fear. To be sure, this is no utopia; the vote is restricted to property owners of natural-born citizenship, and the intrigues of the guilds and councils leave more than a few corpses floating in the canals come election season. Nevertheless, this merchant’s republic located in the Bay of Nine Towers on the southern spur of the Continent manages to preserve the peace quite well among its diverse citizenry.

Quick Facts:

Population: 91,500 at most recent census, of which 9,700 are valid electors.

Ruler: Her Serene Honor, Roxelana Mihrimah, Lady Protector and Admiral of the Fleet

Size: 220 sq km, with larger agricultural holdings on the peninsula and various vassal satrapies and sultanates scattered across the southern islands

Climate: Humid subtropical

Economy: Shipping, spices, wine, books, porcelain, magical items, opium

Important Organizations: The Guild


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