The Wager Luminal


Erredil's log

We’ve had quite an adventure on this island, and I fear the future is darker than I had imagined.

Inside the cave, we found a situation as bleak as what we saw outside. Light didn’t seem to fill the room naturally, and when we docked our boat we found three hanged men. A giant rotting shark filled the ceiling, with a note that said: THERE IS A SEA WITHOUT A SUN

We quickly found the cache of sails and timbers, but no sign of the striped coconut we needed to access the treasure chest. We were forced to continue our exploration and began to encounter darker forces – golden-masked skeletons springing to life, and a great pit of swirling sand.

Annam and Azima were affected by the skeletons’ attacks and were drawn to the sand pit – Azima resisted, but Annam threw himself in. Azima and I managed to pull him from the sands unwillingly, but he seems…changed. All he could tell me was, “The Chaos is beautiful”. I am worried for him.

In a room on an altar, we found the coconut. I’m still not sure what happened, but behind the altar there was a…thing. Some terrible creature, slick and repulsive, with long hands holding human skulls, and a golden mask on its face. It had the words, THE SPHINX THAT DRINKS THE MINDS OF MEN

Somehow Annam could commune with the thing – it told him things that made him angry, and he grabbed the items on the altar as we all began to run. Swirling sand followed us, but we escaped back to the dock before the sand closed up the chambers behind us in a wall of stone.

There we found the rotting shark, now alive and moving. It taunted Annam with confusing words – “You gave it a piece of your mind and you got nothing”;“Shall I tell them what you learned, what you gave up a piece of your mind to know?”

What did Annam give up? What did he learn?

And the shark cursed me; it told me that something awaits me on the Northern Isle. Just writing the words sends a shiver down my spine.

We were able to defeat the shark and signal to our ship to come and retrieve the supplies. The Sunderban natives could apparently sense the creature within the cave; they came in force to the entrance to the cave when they realized it had been destroyed. As the locals aided our crew with the supplies and ship repairs, I spoke privately to their Shaman about what had happened in the cave.

His words have left me even more concerned. He spoke of the Walking Sand, and the Things of the Dragon. Annam, it seems, had bargained with such a Thing and lost. The thing in the cave came from the Dragon’s Blood, but I don’t know more. And Annam is not the same.

The curse, he told me, means that there is a doom upon me that I will not know until I meet it. Hardly an optimistic way to continue our journey.

A note later:
We have just arrived in Far Carraigh, and there was a letter waiting for me. A letter I did not expect, from a lifetime I thought I had left behind. Is this the doom of which the shark creature spoke?



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